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 *   S3m/Mod player by Daniel Marks (dmarks@ais.net)
 *   GUS support by David Jeske (jeske@uiuc.edu)
 * (C) 1994,1995 By Daniel Marks and David Jeske
 * While we retain the copyright to this code, this source code is FREE.
 * You may use it in any way you wish, in any product you wish. You may 
 * NOT steal the copyright for this code from us.
 * We respectfully ask that you email one of us, if possible, if you
 * produce something significant with this code, or if you have any bug 
 * fixes to contribute.  We also request that you give credit where
 * credit is due if you include part of this code in a program of your own.
 * Email: s3mod@uiuc.edu
 *        jeske@uiuc.edu
 * See the associated README file for Thanks
 * linux_dsp.h - Headers for Linux DSP support

#ifdef LINUX
#ifndef _LINUX_DSP_H
#define _LINUX_DSP_H    1

#include <bytesex.h>
#include <sys/soundcard.h>

int get_dsp_device(void);
void write_dsp_device(void *buf, int size);
void close_dsp_device();

#endif /* _LINUX_DSP_H */
#endif /* LINUX */

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